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About Nathalie Etienne

Reiki Energy Healing in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY

Nathalie Etienne

My name is Nathalie Etienne (Spiritual name: Natou Ma’at) I am a holistic health advocate, Reiki Master Practitioner, light worker and an upcoming author based in Brooklyn, New York. My spiritual journey started 13 years ago with my deep interest in healthier living through following a plant-based lifestyle. I wanted to explore my body’s innate intelligence to heal itself despite what we have been taught. At the start of my journey I felt called to serve my community in Brooklyn alongside various plant-based chefs and influencers, through sharing plant-based foods at local events. I also focused on pushing out critical and educational information on various social platforms as well as via my upcoming book, “Green Soul Rising”. Four years ago, this beautiful journey has invited me to push beyond what I thought I knew about myself. I began to explore my intuitive gifts of energy healing and spiritual guidance. This has eventually led me to become certified as a Reiki Master Practitioner, while offering spiritual readings as well as creating handcrafted metaphysical tools that lend spiritual assistance to those who feel called to work with it.